Downtown Dental offers high quality general dentistry for adults, teens and children.  From the first tooth to the seasoned smile, we tailor our care to the individual and to the family. Our office stays current on developments in modern dentistry to deliver high-quality, long-lasting treatment and preventative care.  When it comes to offering treatment, we want to inform you about the options for your health and to serve as a partner in helping you make informed oral care decisions.  If your treatment requires unique attention, we refer to an amazing team of specialists.

We offer comprehensive general dentistry that covers routine oral hygiene appointments, preventative care, to emergency services. We offer last minute dental appointments for everything from a chipped or cracked tooth, loose crown, dental emergencies, touch up whitening and in-between teeth cleaning before a big event like a wedding.

Prophy Web_ed

Preventive and Diagnostic Care

Routine periodic hygiene appointments, dental cleanings, scaling and root planning, fluoride treatment, nutrition and hygiene counseling, night guards for TMJ and bruxism treatment, custom sports mouth guards, consultations, school screenings, and Head Start exams

Cosmetic Dentistry web_ed

Restorations, Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

Fillings—composite and amalgam, all Ceramic Crowns, Veneers, Bonding, Whitening

Rehabilitation Implants Web_ed

Rehabilitation and Prosthodontics

Implants, Complete, Partial and Implant Dentures


Emergency, Surgical and Special Needs Care

Extractions, tooth pain, oral trauma, special needs and handicap patient care